A downloadable game

Arcade Finger twister is a game about speed/skill and intimacy!

Buttons will light up with either green (player 1) or pink (player 2) and the goal is to have as many of your buttons pressed down as possible to get the most points!

Get your hands intertwined and fight/finger for your space!

Install instructions

Note: Custom hardware required for best experience
Arduino-based hardware tutorial coming soon!

Download, extract and run the executable for your platform.
To test the button configuration use the keyboard keys:
A, S, Z, X, space, up, down, left and right.

For optimal playing experience, play on a big screen and a good sound system.


ArcadeFingerTwister - Windows 64bit.zip 30 MB
ArcadeFingerTwister - Web.unity3d 16 MB
ArcadeFingerTwister - Windows 32bit.zip 29 MB